A lot of my work comes from repeat business or recommendations - a fact I feel is testimony to my friendly, flexible and professional approach. There's no substitute for enthusiasm, and my love of words and working with people comes through in the way I manage my projects. It's my job to make your life easier. Being a nice person to work with is part of this. 


1. If you decide to hire me, the first thing we'll need to do is have a chat about what you want from the project. I'll ask you some questions, so I can get a decent understanding about what outcomes you're looking for, the tone we should strike, and timescales. 

2. Where needed, I'll do a bit of background research on the subject we're looking at, to better determine what should be included and how to get your message across to the audience in the most effective way. The more information you can give me here the better. Sometimes I'll need to create a content plan - if, for example, it would help us see how the content will be structured on a website. 

3. I'll get cracking on the first draft. I'll then send what I've done to you for your feedback. Any amends that need to be made will be incorporated into the second draft. 

4. You'll have the chance to request any final changes, and I'll tweak the copy and deliver the finished product to you. 


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