For me, words are much more than pleasant typeface on a screen or penmarks on a page. It's the way they translate to real life that matters: it's the emotions they spark, the understandings they create, and the connections they build.

I'm happiest when working with innovative organisations and particularly those with ethical motives or social good at their heart, and have a background working with big and small organisations- from Argos, RBS and O2 to government agencies, charities and small businesses.

I've been forging a specialism in sustainability, social issues and business for the past nine years. I've written web copy for the Why Poverty initiative, supporting an international series of documentaries on poverty, blogs for the Food Assembly, case studies for The British Council, sponsored content/advertorials for The Guardian on child rights and the circular economy, and digital copy reworked from print for bodies such as the Environment Agency and ECMRWF. 

I'm an Associate for Slack Communications and was previously an Associate Advisor to the marketing and communications team at the British Council. I'm also author of The Armchair Activist's Handbook (Silvertail Books), contributor to Changing London: The Rough Guide for the Next London Mayor and Ecolibrium Now, and a journalist and editor for the likes of The Guardian.   

Outside the world of copywriting and editing, I can be found writing fiction, running, practising yoga and, you know, generally just enjoying life.